Secure Communications

TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise provides secure voice and text messaging while enabling enterprise and government organizations to host manage and maintain their own infrastructure. TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise is a mobile communications security platform that integrates into an existing enterprise ecosystem via a robust set of APIs. The APIs enable integration between the TrustCenter and an organization’s internal business systems, including EMM/MDM, ERP, CRM systems and others.
TrustCall DIRECT is the only cross platform secure mobile communications platform enabling complete control over the infrastructure, enforcement of privacy and regulatory compliance requirements and integration within existing enterprise systems.

  • Robust
    • AES -256  which changes key every 200 milliseconds
    • 36 approved patents and 30 more pending
  • Flexible bandwidth consumption
    • Configurable low/medium/high definition audio
    • 6-30Kbps, full duplex, 8-16 KHz Opus CODEC
    • 100 minutes of calling typically uses about 24MB of data (medium definition)
    • Support from satellite/2G to 4G/Wi-Fi network bandwidth capabilities
  • Cross-platform
    • Android, iPhone.
  • Secure VoIP – optimized for mobile
    • Proprietary VoIP protocol – using gateway/relay server
    • Low power consumption – very low overhead
    • Out of band call notification – via cross-platform push

Solution Architecture

iNAC: Intelligent Network Access Control

  • Assurance that unwanted communications are being disrupted before they occur, while authorized devices can operate normally.
  • Avoidance of resource-intensive measures to manually locate and retrieve devices.
  • Addressing not only cell phones, but subscriber identity module (SIM) cards, which store contact lists and account plans, are as small as postage stamps and easily concealable, and can be transferred from one phone to another so that inmates can continue to place calls.
  • Availability of device and call information for forensic analysis consistent with applicable law.
  • Options for tracking device location.
  • A range of funding options to accelerate deployments and prevent further threat to the community at large.

Operation Anywhere at Anytime

The iCore® family of products are designed to deliver industry standard 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE wireless capability for the most demanding environments including:

  • Rapidly deployable with little to no existing infrastructure required.
  • Ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, and Ground-to-air mobile communications
  • Sensor & Biometrics data transfer
  • Network-on-the-Move communications
  • Unified communications, connecting all edges of the operational area

Stove Pipe Consolidation

There are numerous value propositions when integrating existing 3rd party capabilities. iCore® products provide the flexibility to any mission set to incorporate C2C interconnectivity of stove pipe products.Consolidate existing COMSEC

  • Consolidate existing COMSEC
  • Consolidate cameras for live feeds
  • Consolidate environmental and health data

Mobile Asset Tracking

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions require timely and accurate information. Tecore’s solutions grant the operator with ISR capabilities which include:

  • Fixed and Mobile device location
  • User Identification
  • Device location for mapping programs
  • Blue Force Tracking
  • Command and Control (C2)Data Logging

CONOP - Riverine

iCore® products provide an instant 4G LTE high bandwidth communications mesh, for any 4G LTE handheld or tablet device when operating in austere environments.

WiFi Distributed Network

Our Wi-Gate Solutions create Distributed Network Structure (DNS), which   are:

Reliable: If one AP fails the network can reroute itself using a variation of the spanning tree protocol concept, if pay portal goes under, system will still provide service to customer – No Loss of Quality or Speed.

Secure: VPN server (250 simultaneous VPN end users), encrypted mesh and firewall protection assures that users and network are safe from cyber threats.

Intelligent:  QoS (3 levels), bandwidth shaper, client signal analyzer, port mapping, and traffic analyzer help to manage network usage.

Efficient and Fast:  500 MHz AMD Multitask processor, 256 MB of ram and hardware supported encryption enable quick packets transfer in the most demanding conditions. – Up to 200 simultaneous end-users

Profitable: Pay portal ready.

Manageable: Remote support and advance management functionality.

Powerful:  Half Mile connectivity with Customer Premise Equipment.

Citywide WiFi Coverage Secure Networks

Underserved areas

  1. Five AP covers one square mile in open areas (more required in city setting)
  2. Signal redundancy for reliable Wi-Fi  coverage
  3. 1/4 mile reach per device