In today’s world there are imminent threats that require special attention to detail. Rational Point is standing by with your Security Solutions. We are ready to lend our expertise to your security issues. We work passionately to offer our customers innovative, creative and pragmatic solutions to satisfy their needs and help them reach their goals. We aide our customers in large complex multidisciplinary technology project implementation. Rational Point, an American based company, will assist you with all of your security needs including:

Secure Communications

Secure Telecommunications Networks
Tactical Networks for immediate deployment
Secure communications (voice and messaging)
Communications security and intelligence for critical locations

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Cyber Security

Electronic Counter Intelligence Systems
Network /data security assessment and penetration test
Network and data security m
Event response

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Surveillance and Intrusion Detection

Border control and intrusion detection
Surveillance and perimeter control
Asset tracking and access control

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Security consulting
Law enforcement training
Scanners and detectors of chemical substance
Smart Lighting

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Consulting Services & Solutions Integration for the following industries:


  • Intrusion detection and border control
  • C3, IC4
  • Tactical networks and communication systems
  • Surveillance, tracking and access systems Secure communication
  • Cybersecurity
  • Video Analytics


  • Surveillance, border control & Intrusion detection
  • Tracking and access systems.
  • Secure communications
  • Tactical networks for First Responders.
  • Public Safety networks
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Electronic CounterIntelligence
  • C3
  • Video Analytics

Ports and Airports

  • Scanners and Substance detection
  • Surveillance, perimeter control & Intrusion detection
  • Secure WiFi private network and services to enable efficient personnel, machine and applications communication
  • Video Analytics

Detention Centers

  • Surveillance, access control, and asset tracking
  • Communication’s control and management, illegal mobile cel control and call blocking
  • Scanners and Substance detection
  • Electronic bracelets
  • Virtual court
  • Command and Control centers
  • ERP-Management solutions for detention centers.
  • Drone denial systems
  • Video Analytics


  • Smart building solutions.
  • HD video surveillance, access control and tracking solutions.
  • IP speaker system for outdoor and indoor alerts.
  • Secure IP networks.
  • Satellite voice and data.
  • Video Analytics