Rational Point announces our new channel partnership with Quantum Technology Sciences, an intrusion detection and physical security solution provider.

Rational Point joins Quantum’s growing channel partner program focused on Latin American security sales. The Quantum Partner program selects integrators who are certified to sell, deploy and support the company’s products and solutions as a standalone technology, as a proprietary integrated solution offering or as a foundational element of a managed security solution.

“We are committed to expanding our market footprint in Latin America,” says Eric Mardian director of global channels. “Rational Point is well established and respected as a source for innovative technologies for mitigating security, safety and operational risk to their customers.”

“Rational Point is pleased to add Quantum’s real-time perimeter security solutions to our portfolio,” says Fabio Alvino, Rational Point CEO. “Our customers will value the ability to automatically detect and classify intrusions in real-time in a 360º sphere of awareness. We plan to have their seismic-acoustic technology deployed along several key borders in Latin America soon.”

Quantum’s technology easily integrates with tactical control center architectures. Its solution supports layered security protection platforms by cueing line of sight technologies such as cameras, radar or UAVs for further assessment and/or initiating proactive deterrence measures such as strobe lights or sirens.

The company’s Vector series commercial product line offers significantly greater detection ranges and lower nuisance alarm rates than are currently available on the market without needing a line of sight to an intruder, which prevents a threat from being obscured by weather, darkness, terrain, or other obstructions.  For example, a walking threat is detected more than a football field away.

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