Coral Gables Innovation Council

Fabio Alvino, our CEO, has recently joined the Innovation Council of the City of Coral Gables in Miami FL. As expressed by Raul Váldes-Faulli, the City Mayor, “this Council aims to facilitate the City’s evolution into a Full Smart City that renders more value to it’s citizens.” To achieve this ambitious goal the city has […]

Modern Prison’s Solutions

Rational Point, continues to expand its solutions for modern day prisons, adding to its portfolio a new partnership with Fennix, offering a wide range of products to modernize prisons. With this new partnership, Rational Point can now offer in Latin America solutions to manage and improve: house arrest, victim supervision, prison’s telephone systems, secure communications […]

Team work with Motorola

In an effort to provide a full range of solutions for the prisons in Latin America, Rational Point is working with Motorola in developing the market for their technological platforms for prisons. ERP’s designed specifically for prisons with best practices from around the world, and other platforms that improve the management of the prisons through […]

Education is the key to reinsertion of prisoners in society

Rational Point understands there are many aspects to be considered when managing a prison, one of them is making sure the inmates have the tools to return to society and thrive. After months of teamwork with Urbe International Univesity from Florida we have developed on line courses designed specifically for the personal and technical development […]

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance are key to Public Safety

Rational Point, signs with the International Security Group, ISG, a regional alliance for the Latin American region. ISG is an applied intelligence company that supports corporate and private Clients in proactively manage their personal and professional security. ISG offers solutions for technical surveillance counter measures, eavesdropping testing and monitoring among others. The ISG Team will […]

Flexibility and proven success in perimeter security

Rational Point signed a partnership agreement with Senstar improving it’s offer in the perimeter safeguard arena. Senstar offers the broadest range of projects in perimeter security available. It is an experienced solution provider for Fence Sensors, Buried Sensors, Barrier Sensors, Security Management Systems and more. With over 35 years of experience and an important Client […]

Reliable chemical detection in the palm of your hand

Our latest partnership closes a deal to represent in Latin America the new generation in hand held chemical detectors. With a data base of more that 15000 elements, Rigaku responds with accuracy and confidence every time. This handheld devise allows security personnel and first responder to identify thousands of substances with in seconds, helping to […]

An alliance to favor Latin America.

Veritas Assurance Partners, a global investigation, intelligence and consulting firm based in Florida, and Rational Point have signed an important business alliance to team up and create a holistic and robust multidisciplinary intelligence and investigation service solution for government and large corporations in LATAM. VAP has a long and proven track record of offering customized services and support to address […]

New Business Development Director: Daniela Vázquez-Figueroa

A new addition to the team makes us stronger. This month Daniela joins our team as our Business Development Director. She has extensive business development and account management experience with major international clients across industries. She specialized in developing multi-million dollar strategic plans for large multinational brands, communication strategies and social media plans. She provided executive leadership to Vapro Publicidad, a renowned […]