The event destabilizes the peace process sponsored by the UN that started last December

A drone attack carried out by the Huthi rebels has surprised the military leadership of Yemen during a military parade Thursday, leaving at least six dead, including several senior commanders, officials and insurgents have reported. The event destabilizes the UN-sponsored peace process that began with the first talks in Stockholm (Sweden) between the opposing sides held last December.

The attack occurred at the base of Al Anad, located in Lahj province in southwest Yemen. The Ibn Khaldoun hospital in Huta, a city in the province, reported Thursday that the army leadership loyal to the government, with the exception of the chief of staff, were among the wounded.

The attack came on the day after UN envoy for Yemen, Britain’s Martin Griffiths, called on both sides for “substantial progress” in the peace process following the agreements reached in Sweden.

The warring parties in Yemen agreed in this Scandinavian country a ceasefire in the port city of Hodeida, the main hot front of the conflict and rebels stronghold. The Huthi have accused Saudi Arabia of violating this truce and nearly four years of open war.

“An Iranian plane bomb”

In a video filmed by the news agency France Presse perceived a dron approaching at high speed above the podium where the main officers of the Army where situated. Some of those present thought that the device was filming the parade. The dron, however, exploded seconds later. In the recording you can see how a soldier falls immediately in front of the platform and a civilian holding a camera lies in a pool of blood.

Yemeni Information Minister Muamar al-Eryani has condemned on Twitter the “terrorist attack by the Huthi militia” perpetrated with “an Iranian plane bomb”. The Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed al-Jabir, has directly accused Tehran, the Huthi’s main ally, of providing the rebels with the dron used in the attack.

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